Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Surprise Wardrobe Sort!

I'm really proud of myself for this cupboard organisation! It was a complete accident.

 I was actually looking for a black vest top that I wear under my work shirt that I thought might have fallen into the pile of shoes I have here. I was in shock at the state the cupboard was in....again. I've tried multiple attempts to organise this space and I’m failing miserably. So I pulled the whole lot out.

Here is the before photo

The crate on the left held my shoes and the crate on the right was boots. The pile at the end was my handbags and the shopper bag on top has Christmas presents I bought early for this coming year (organised!)

I started by donating/binning the boots, shoes and handbags which were not used in years or I didn't want anymore. I recently bought some new living room furniture and put our old furniture into my sons’ room to create an entertainment centre so he no longer had any use for an old bedside cabinet that held his controllers and headsets. I put this up to my mums’ garage a few days before and thought this might fit in the cupboard. 

I popped up and got it and with a little bit of wood underneath the feet it fitted perfectly! I have now put my under garments in the top drawer, vest tops in the second and my Christmas jumper in the bottom at the moment.

I think it looks perfect! 

The bottom crate now holds my handbags and the top one now holds ALL my footwear (yes I got rid of quite a bit). The OCD in me also cannot resist keeping my clothes in order of colour so that is how it will stay but I did also sort through it and put them to the clothing bank. I always used to chuck my work clothes over a chair or on top of the crate of shoes so I can now fold it neatly on the cabinet. I think this looks fantastic and is working well so far. Not bad organising by an accident and cost £0.

Perfect Happy Home

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