Friday, 11 April 2014

Earphone Storage Idea

So while I'm fixing up some of my posts , I'm itching to post something that will get the ball going.  So I thought I would show you my neat and tidy way of storing earphones

I'm sure everyone can agree that tangled, messy earphones are a common find in our drawers in most homes. I got fed up of finding them all over the house as well.

After sorting through the damaged ones and also the ones for phones that we don't own any more I used sandwich bag ties to twist them round together which I have loads of as I don't use them for the sandwich bags.


I love reusing coffee jars like these with the sealed lid.
I popped all the tied earphones in the jar, printed a label for it with my wonderful label maker and placed it in my bookcase. Now everyone knows where to go and won't have to spend extra time untangling them.
More posts like this to come! I would love your feedback and suggestions.

See you soon!

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