Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Toy Tower Labelling

My daughters toy tower sits nicely right at the end of the bed in her room and mainly held a jumble of different toys. There was jigsaws, stuffed toys, and generally things that my daughter never thought about on a day to day basis.

I decided that it should be sectioned and labelled so it also made things easier for her to put things away and also to find what she wanted. After deciding what to put in each drawer (together and after a few disagreements with a 5 year old) we sorted what we wanted to put in each drawer. We decided on these categories
  • DVD's And Remotes
  • Beauty
  • Baby Doll Items
  • Dress Up

I got some PINK labels made up with pictures and words. She is starting Primary 1 in August so I want to teach her to coordinate these words with the items I suppose. I printed them out on glossy photo paper and stuck them on with ordinary Pritt Stick so if we need to change them around with other toys it is easily removed and is easy to clean off if labels aren’t required anymore.

We then popped everything inside the drawers.

Her DVD’s were sorted out and remotes were put in here with her notebook…. She’s a budding list maker like her mummy.

She really enjoyed helping me out organise her toys and went on a hunt to find other items that she had lying around in her handbags for her beauty drawer

And got all her baby dolls (named Janessa. Origin=unknown) things and put them in the baby dolls drawer.

And we put her dressing up clothes, shoes and handbags in the bottom drawer. 

I definitely have a budding organiser here and future heiress to the blog.

Getting her involved helped her to feel part of what went on in her room and since she is Miss Independent, and her mothers’ daughter, she didn't feel shocked as when I un-expectantly change something when she is at nursery.

What ways do you involve your children to feel involved and teach them to organise?

Friday, 13 June 2014

Absent Without Leave

So yes it appears I have been neglecting my blog for the last few weeks. I first of all apologise for that.

Lots have been going on but i'm raring to get back on track and deliver exciting posts again,

I have had a wedding, birthday, guests staying, chaos in the house ( its hard to organise around 3 other bodies staying for 4 weeks with a baby too)!

But I'm back! And have some posts lined up to make up for my absence