About Me

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my blog! I wanted to put a little snippet about myself and the person behind the blog.

I'm a working mummy of 2. I have a boy who is 10 and a girl who is 5 and live with my lovely fiance. We live in the far north of Scotland in a small town and love it here.

The Beginning

I know you will all be kind with me in these early stages. I'm getting to know everything with the layout and still changing some things around as I get the feel of what I want to achieve . I'm not the most gifted writer and am sure to make some mistakes but we all need to learn. Baby steps! 


Everyone who knows me knows that I love to organise and make things sorted and tidy. In shops my trolley seems to steer towards the baskets/storage/stationary aisle. I love to sort everything and give everything a place and make it pretty at the same time. 


I started by reading some blogs I found online that is based in America. I got loads of ideas and loved to read how they organised their homes. I searched but I could not find any based in the UK and wondered why. These wonderful organised bloggers could not only exist at one part of the world. I thought why not start one myself! After some research, creating some posts to start off with, my blog was born!

The Future

I'm going to be sharing my new posts every Tuesday and maybe some more regular ones depending on what I have been up to.

I'm not sure what people will think of what I'm trying to achieve here but I'm very excited to find out. I'm hoping to post regularly and get feedback on what I'm doing. I'm not aiming to be exactly like my American inspiration and their amazing blogs, I just want to express what I love and share with the world how I do it in my part and hope everyone enjoys my Perfect Happy Home!

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