Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Garden Shed Challenge

This post today is about a challenge I took from my other half to sort out his shed. Usually the shed is left to him and I stay well clear. Its also usually a dumping ground for stuff I really don't want in the house. I said to him before to let me organise it and yesterday he asked when I was going to do it, also adding “I don't think there is much you can do though” and I swiftly responded with a loud “HA” and “I'll show you”  (does he really not know me?).

I lifted from my seat, headed to the shed and opened the door to this....

[Insert Scream here]

OK so I know it is a shed after all but it is a nightmare for an organising queen fanatic to look at. You can see there is left over blocks from the path he just paved, tools and paint on shelves and everything else just thrown/tossed/chucked inside. I of course had to take into consideration that this is a “man” space and that my normal array of baskets and cute displays would not cut it in here.

He already had sufficient shelving so I didn't have to worry about that. I started by completely emptying the whole lot out, to start with a blank space and think about what I needed to do. I still cannot believe the amount of stuff this small space was actually holding - A major fail on my part for not taking a photo of everything outside the shed.

I had already given him some jars to keep the nails and screws he had, but was not being used and he had some things in butter tubs but I don’t think these are the greatest of storage solutions as they just look untidy. I used jars instead and now must remember to keep more in future for him.

So now things had to go back in the shed I started by sorting through all of the screws and nails and labelled the jars the best I could with my label printer. I used old Oxi clean tubs for the odd ones. I put these on the top of the shelves he had already put up. I also put 3 little tin buckets on the bottom shelf for other bits and bobs he may be using and I think they look lovely.

For his power tools I thought about just placing on the shelves and leaving it but that would not be in my nature just to leave it just like that. Grabbing the label printer again I got to work creating little homes for each tool by labelling the shelves to where they should live. An old basin held his sanding sheets nicely.

For his fishing hooks, reels etc I put it in the big wooded box (that he made himself) which is under the pink box which I put his spare hand tools inside. 

On the top shelf to the left of the picture above, I put his drill which he uses a lot with his box of assorted screws. Beside that is car fluids, fence paint and the lawn feed is in the black container which used to be protein shake in there. Another basin on the shelf above the ladders has gardening tools like the trowel, fork and gloves.

I placed all the other equipment like his workbench, hose reel, spades and power washer he has around the shed.

Coming home from the park with our daughter he looked in the shelf and smiled. Asking him what he thought he asked “what's missing?”. He's pleased with the space he now has and the test is to now see how long it will stay this way.

What do you do to keep your shed tidy and organised? 

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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Happy One-Month Birthday Blog!

Yes I know its a bit sad doing a post just a month after its been launched but I've had this blog for a month today and wanted to post to say that this month I've had a blast!

I always thought I would love blogging and I was right, I've actually fell in love with this tiny world which is my blog. Writing about the stuff that I love to do has been fantastic and knowing some people are reading my posts has been a great confidence boost.

I've learned a lot this month and hope that you will again bare with me as I continue to make mistakes and fix them (again baby steps). I do look for feedback and hope that I will continue to get more comments as the months progress. I love reading them.

I've seen some great inspiration and linked up to some fantastic blogs that has given my stats a massive boost that I never dreamed of in a month. I cant believe I reached over the 1200 mark in a month and most of that has been with my fantastic High-Bed Shelf Ikea Hack that I linked up with I Heart Organizing, A Bowl Full Of Lemons and City Of Creative Dreams. I also loved the response I got from My Second Drawer post as well and repurposing in my Surprise Wardrobe Sort and Furniture Move in The Bedroom was a great achievement also this month.

I still have lots to do and have created a HUGE list of projects that need done, and some great tips and improvements I will be doing in the future that will all be shared with you all. So keep coming back and checking them out. I am going to continue to make changes to be happy with what I've done. I may even do a name change once I've decided on one I'm completely happy with.

I cant wait to see what lies ahead and maybe on my 1 year birthday we can again look back again on how we've grown.

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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Furniture Move In the Bedroom

As I mentioned before, I bought some new living room furniture and gave some of the old furniture for my son’s room. I really, really didn't want to get rid of any of my furniture I had before. My coffee table was ruined so that went to the recycling centre. The Desk we had but never used as a desk was a piece I have had for 13 years that I got as a present for my Christmas when I was around when I was 14 years old.

When the new furniture arrived I put the desk in the cupboard that goes under the stairs which is filled with my daughter’s toys (my sons has petered off now that he’s gotten older). It’s funny but the toys she never played with often and the ones I put at the back and was stuck, was the ones she always wanted for the week I had the cupboard. Extremely annoying having pull the whole lot out including her Step2 kitchen and desk.

I decided that the desk was to valuable a piece to just have in a cupboard so I made a decision to put it in our bedroom instead. There was a TV unit in it at the time which iv never been truly happy with and my OH kept some of his weight equipment behind it.

This is the before photo.

(Excuse my OH trainers, he was out cutting the grass at the time.)

 I measured it out and I started clearing out the bedroom. I got the desk from the cupboard and then got it upstairs. Placing it in the corner I arranged the TV and my new printer on the desk and a basket under for my partner’s weights in. I also labeled the plugs under it for the printer, television and extension with my label maker.

I'm so delighted with this idea I have decided to do this all over the house.

And here is the set up now. 

 I'm so delighted that I never had to get rid of a piece of furniture and it looks so much better now as well.

Just incase anyone is wondering what happened to the TV unit that was in the bedroom before. As it was narrower than the desk ( by about a foot ) I put it under the stairs in its place and put some of the storage tubs on top and inside. I actually prefer it and the toys at the back can actually come out without pulling the whole lot out! YAY! I may show in a future post once I get the cupboard painted

Did you ever find a piece of furniture fitted better somewhere else?

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