Sunday, 11 May 2014

Happy One-Month Birthday Blog!

Yes I know its a bit sad doing a post just a month after its been launched but I've had this blog for a month today and wanted to post to say that this month I've had a blast!

I always thought I would love blogging and I was right, I've actually fell in love with this tiny world which is my blog. Writing about the stuff that I love to do has been fantastic and knowing some people are reading my posts has been a great confidence boost.

I've learned a lot this month and hope that you will again bare with me as I continue to make mistakes and fix them (again baby steps). I do look for feedback and hope that I will continue to get more comments as the months progress. I love reading them.

I've seen some great inspiration and linked up to some fantastic blogs that has given my stats a massive boost that I never dreamed of in a month. I cant believe I reached over the 1200 mark in a month and most of that has been with my fantastic High-Bed Shelf Ikea Hack that I linked up with I Heart Organizing, A Bowl Full Of Lemons and City Of Creative Dreams. I also loved the response I got from My Second Drawer post as well and repurposing in my Surprise Wardrobe Sort and Furniture Move in The Bedroom was a great achievement also this month.

I still have lots to do and have created a HUGE list of projects that need done, and some great tips and improvements I will be doing in the future that will all be shared with you all. So keep coming back and checking them out. I am going to continue to make changes to be happy with what I've done. I may even do a name change once I've decided on one I'm completely happy with.

I cant wait to see what lies ahead and maybe on my 1 year birthday we can again look back again on how we've grown.

Perfect Happy Home

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