Tuesday, 29 April 2014

High-Bed Shelf Ikea Hack!

It’s been 2 years ago now, since I bought Michael his high-rise bed. It was a great purchase well worth the money. The first thing I though was he would be swinging and jumping off it onto the ceiling light but he has been very good on it actually and no accidents (so far). I'm still expecting to get a few more years from it too. When I decided I was going to buy the bed I knew I wanted to get him something to set his drink and remote control on and I seen one for £20 that would be perfect, but never got round to buying it. By the time I decided I was going to buy it, it had been removed from sale.

After getting new furniture in our living room and moving around Michael’s room he actually had the sad eyes and said “Mum when are you getting me my shelf”. Action had to be taken! After searching for a while there was so many like this one for over £50 but that was too much for me to spend on a shelf at the moment.

I looked online and came across the Ikea Spice Rack and measured it against our cups that he uses for juice and the length was perfect. So ordered one from EBay for £6.90 including postage. I also got some Rustoleum spray paint in Spa Blue for £5.60 from Amazon.

Once it arrived and got it together it looked like this:

 Then after a few coats of primer and a couple of coats of Rustoleum Spa Blue it looked like this:

It didn't come with fittings so we my partner got some and fixed it to the wall. I made sure that it was high enough that he won’t hit or kick it when he’s sleeping (he’s a wriggler). It’s the perfect depth that it doesn't stick out to much and can hold his book, cup and torch.

Even better than I expected!

The next morning I gave him breakfast in bed and he didn't have to get down to fetch his drink anymore. Always a success to make my boy happy!

Morning Sunshine!

Of course I can’t get one without the other so ordered one for my daughter as well for her mid-riser bed. It’s already primed and will be spray painted Pink, our favourite colour. I will update with a photo when it’s done.

High price - £51.99           

My price – £13.50 ( with paint left over as well)

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Fab idea! I used 2 of these as bookshelves next to my daughter's bed, I do love a good Ikea hack :)

    Found you through IHeart Organizing, another fellow Brit here! Xx

    1. Thank you! They are fantastic and a great price.

      Great to hear from you :o) I will put you in my follow list. xx


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