Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Furniture Move In the Bedroom

As I mentioned before, I bought some new living room furniture and gave some of the old furniture for my son’s room. I really, really didn't want to get rid of any of my furniture I had before. My coffee table was ruined so that went to the recycling centre. The Desk we had but never used as a desk was a piece I have had for 13 years that I got as a present for my Christmas when I was around when I was 14 years old.

When the new furniture arrived I put the desk in the cupboard that goes under the stairs which is filled with my daughter’s toys (my sons has petered off now that he’s gotten older). It’s funny but the toys she never played with often and the ones I put at the back and was stuck, was the ones she always wanted for the week I had the cupboard. Extremely annoying having pull the whole lot out including her Step2 kitchen and desk.

I decided that the desk was to valuable a piece to just have in a cupboard so I made a decision to put it in our bedroom instead. There was a TV unit in it at the time which iv never been truly happy with and my OH kept some of his weight equipment behind it.

This is the before photo.

(Excuse my OH trainers, he was out cutting the grass at the time.)

 I measured it out and I started clearing out the bedroom. I got the desk from the cupboard and then got it upstairs. Placing it in the corner I arranged the TV and my new printer on the desk and a basket under for my partner’s weights in. I also labeled the plugs under it for the printer, television and extension with my label maker.

I'm so delighted with this idea I have decided to do this all over the house.

And here is the set up now. 

 I'm so delighted that I never had to get rid of a piece of furniture and it looks so much better now as well.

Just incase anyone is wondering what happened to the TV unit that was in the bedroom before. As it was narrower than the desk ( by about a foot ) I put it under the stairs in its place and put some of the storage tubs on top and inside. I actually prefer it and the toys at the back can actually come out without pulling the whole lot out! YAY! I may show in a future post once I get the cupboard painted

Did you ever find a piece of furniture fitted better somewhere else?

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  1. It's great when you can shop around your own home and make things work elsewhere. I just did that with a few expedit cubes - the long one now gives my daughters room tons of extra storage, and now I have more space under the stairs!

    P.s Saw that we were both featured over at City of Creative Dreams - congrats! Xx

  2. Oh I would love to have some Expedit furniture. Will you be showing that in a future post? That would be good to see :o)

    Yay to us for being featured! Your console table was fab! xx


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